How to use AWS SES as backup MX
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Install hmailserver on Windows 2012 R2


1. download hmailserver
2. Install Windows 2012 R2
3. Install NET framework 3.5 – Install-WindowsFeature -Name Net-Framework-Core -Source D:\Sources\SxS\
4. Install hmailserver
5. Add domain
6. Disable Auto-ban for debugging
7. Turn on logging (without debug)

7. Setup smtp relay – to AWS SES

8. Setup SES DKIM

8. Remove Intranet smtp authentication for (local – local) (local – Extra) (Extra – local)
9. Add a user

10. Telnet 25 port to test it


11. Add your ip to a DNS A record to

12. Add a MX record to “10”

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